The Health Box Accelerator portfolio page lists all of our current and past projects. We are extremely proud of what we stand for and the people we have served with our content and advice, so we wanted to have somewhere special to list everything. The site has only been up for a period of time, but we’ve still already helped out so many people along the way. The journey has been a long one for the Health Box team, but we’ve persevered thanks to the awesome support of our readers and members. We are immensely proud of where we have got to with the site, and hope that we have created a free, valuable resource for everyone. We continually work hard here to improve our standards and raise the bar for our readers, constantly looking for new ways to bring real value. If a project has been received well by our readers, then we regard that as a success. Any successful health projects will be archived here for everyone to check out and view. All the details from the projects will be available publicly here on the portfolio page.

Ultimately we take pride in the fact that our resources are free and appeal to everyone, regardless of age, gender or background. If you would like us to get involved in a health project that you believe would be fitting for our portfolio page, then get in touch with us now. We are happy to do joint projects and would fully credit your name in the portfolio page. If you see a project you believe you’re entitled to be credited for on the Health Box Accelerator site, then contact the team and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Also your feedback and reaction to our portfolio is appreciated via the comments either here, or on social media.