The Health Box Accelerator team has a list of our own mentors available to the public. Our mentors cover the health and fitness field, helping people to set goals and reach them. They can help with a fitness goal of creating a training programme suited to you, help you get in a shape and meet a weight target or help improve a best time you have for a sporting activity. The mentors are also there to help you with any health related issues you are facing, being able to coach you through difficulties you are facing by advising you on what supplements, food and physical activity to follow.  The mentors are hand selected and only follow proven methods in the industry, we do not promote any trial or experimental stuff. We take every request very seriously at the Health Box Accelerator site, but due to the industry we must warn anyone looking for one of our mentors that we are not trained medical professionals, if you have a serious health issues then we also suggest consulting with a professional in the field first. The mentors we have all have experience in their field and are very knowledgeable, however, as mentioned they are not professionals.

The aim of our mentors is to provide a clear opportunity for our readers to get someone on borad that can set targets and goals. Sometimes we get too complacent when it comes to deciding we’ll take up the gym, start going for weekly runs or even getting a personal trainer. Sometimes all it takes is a mentor to get you over the line and take your first step, then you can be on your way to achieving that goal. The mentors here understand that everyone’s goals and targets are different, some people want a flash body with big muscles, and some just want to improve their cardio or even just boost their energy levels. Of course, goals are easier or harder to hit depending on individual circumstances, and our mentors understand that. We create and set a up a plan of action based on the individual and their current state of health based on a thorough questionnaire we get them to fill out, including lots of details such as weight, measurements, a typically weekly diet, age and may even some medical details that may affect where you want to go with your target. The mentors we have are patient and ensure that we’ll listen to where you want to go with your health plan, forging out what they 100% believe the best direction is for you.

If you would like to get some more information on our mentor team, or speak with them personally beforehand, then please head over to the contact page and message us there. We have a small team of mentors currently so we have not be able to take on many applicants at this current time, but rest assured will try and assign a mentor as soon as possible. So if you’re looking to get a solid, health and fitness plan in place today, then find out how our team can help you now.



Please note that we are not medical professionals, so any questions you have about your health should always been ran by an expert first.