We are constantly adding new, related upcoming events to the Health Box Accelerator blog every week. We have a dedicated team that are in charge of tracking down, and listing all the health and fitness related events across the US. We are sometimes present at these events ourselves, where you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions you have, or even let us know you appreciate the work we are doing. Please note that although we may list an event this does not automatically mean we will be at it. If you have any recommendations for an event that you think we should list, then please let us know. If you believe an event is not suitable for the readers of this site, then please also get in touch. Our dedicated events team has the final word on what makes the list, which we are VERY strict with.

We try to ensure the events list is aimed at a wide range of ages and include as much people as we can, after all, our site is aimed at all walks of life. We encourage anyone that is local to these events who follows us to attend, as we only promote events we believe to be beneficial to our followers. We also promote anything that makes the list via our social media channels and to all our email subscribers. Please feel free to promote anything on our list on your own platforms and channels, as the bigger the reach for these events the better.

These events can come in the form of a race, a charity/fundraising day, a bike ride, or just a general meetup with some of the leading health professionals in the field. If you're considering organizing your own event and would like us to spread the word then feel free to contact us, and one of our team will check over your request and if deemed suitable enough for our readers we will list it here. Please note that anything we do list must be a free to enter event, as our blog is a free resource of information we do not want to start promoting paid meetup days.

Because most of these events are closely related to our site, if you are in need of some urgent information then have a look through our site to see if we cover the topic, we more than likely have something for you. If you want more information on anything appearing on list such as who will be there, what the event is about etc. we can provide as much information as we know to you. Usually before these meetups we contact the organizer in advance to make sure that it's a suitable health related meetup for our readers.

To List any or promote anything on this page, then please get in touch with our team on the email address, where will guarantee to give you a response within 48 hours.

A list of the upcoming health related events are as follows:

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