The Health Box Accelerator team support many companies and vice versa, this is very important in keeping us afloat. We’ve always been a community based website, involving everyone and anyone. We’ve always been very proud of the Health Box Accelerator blog, but we have to confess that we haven’t created it on our own. There has been many helpful companies who have assisted us along the road. This page will list and credit the companies who help and partner with us. We will fully list the company or partner, only if they agree for us to disclose their information here. If you want to donate or support us but remain anonymous, then we respect this in full and will never publish your details. If you would like to support us then get in contact with us first as we don’t just allow any company to partner with us. We only accept support from other companies in the health field, who like us are always paving the way with free, valuable content.

There is not a set amount that we demand to become a partner and be listed here on this page, the main thing we are looking for to be listed here sharing a genuine intent on proving valuable content. If you would like to be registered and listed here on behalf of someone or another company, then please contact our team first for more information. We always keep the companies’ page up-to-date with our current and past partners, so don’t worry about not being listed. Please not that not all listings are companies that are donating or supporting us, we will also list some companies that are preaching the same messages as ourselves, and look to be creating the same sort of content. For more information on how you can support and partner up with us, contact the Health Box Accelerator team today.