Best All Natural Testosterone Booster Supplements For Men

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters For Men

What Is Testosterone and What Does It Do?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Like other hormones, its job is to send chemical messages throughout the body, and is responsible for a large range of body functions, much more so than most people assume. Testosterone is an androgen, or a steroid hormone. It’s mostly created in the testes, with a small amount also produced in the adrenal glands, two walnut sized glands situated just above the kidneys. It is also present in women, but is much smaller amounts than in men, and with a smaller impact on overall health.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, and is directly involved in male sexual function, including the development of primary sexual characteristics and secondary ones such as growth of body hair, muscle development and so on. The hormone’s role actually stretches far further than sexual function, however, with a huge impact on general male health. Bone density, mental health and other health functions also rely on it to stay in peak condition.

Testosterone is still highly important to both the male and female body. The term is typically associated with the male sex drive and “manliness”, but has many other things it's responsible for, so let's have a little look at what testosterone boosters do to your body.​ Using a supplement to enhance the hormones can create a much healthier level and balance of it. Taking an enhancer can ensure and promote healthier bones, blood cells, muscles and sperm production. One of the main things that it can control is energy levels, giving you that extra boost you need throughout the day. A noticeable drop in a man's energy levels can be attributed to a dip in hormone levels a lot of the time, however, a lot of men don't even realize this and reject the thought of it completely.

The Dangers of Low Testosterone Levels

As a vital component in a long list of body functions, the potential health risks of inadequate test levels are significant. Severity of symptoms varies according to your precise levels and hormonal balance, but men with low levels are at risk to suffer a range of conditions:

  • Low libido (sex drive)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Increased body fat
  • Muscle degeneration
  • Reduced bone density, eventually leading to osteoporosis
  • Low moods, irritability, depression and anxiety
  • Cognitive decline and increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Increased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Low energy levels and fatigue
  • Hot flushes, sweats
  • Reduced facial and body hair
  • Breast development (gynaecomastia)

Causes of Low Levels

A rise in levels in the male body usually exhibits more sexual excitement and drive. It can also promote a generally more energetic mood and increase mental aggressiveness. As men get older (usually from the age of 30 onwards) their testosterone levels naturally drop, but it can also be lowered by common problems such as:

  • Poor Diet - Having a consistently poor diet with low levels of fat and A lack of vitamin D and zinc in it, can lead to decreased levels.
  • Lack of Exercise - Not exercising and pushing your body enough from time-to-time will naturally cause a drop.
  • Weight Gain - A combination of a poor diet and lack of exercise leads to this, which eventually puts a strain on your hormones.
  • Cancer and Treatment - Some treatments you receive have the ability to cause this.
  • Stress - Getting stressed out over your diet and weight can lead to further drops.
  • Diseases and Disorders - There are lots of different medical complications out there that unavoidably reduce testosterone levels.

Luckily though there are some natural testosterone supplements for men on the market today that can help give you your manhood back. You can even purchase natural testosterone boosters with fat burners as well, which are also very common these days for obvious reasons, but for the purpose of this article we are solely talking about natural supplements for boosting levels.

​Benefits of Using A Natural Testosterone Booster

From injections to topical gels and even implants, there are plenty of products on the market which will help to boost your testosterone levels. The problem with many of these conventional treatments is that they are mostly steroid based and virtually all of them cause negative side effects. Skin irritation, testicular shrinkage and even neurological damage are only a few of the possible side effects. These are genuinely risky treatments and should only be used as a last result, under strict medical supervision.

Natural alternatives, on the other hand, are ideal for almost every man who needs to boost his testosterone levels. They require far less medical intervention(although you should always consult with your doctor when starting any complementary treatment) , are non-invasive and best of all, are less likely to cause the side effects that you can expect from pretty much every steroid treatment. Natural boosters work in concert with your body’s natural process to restore your hormone levels to their ideal state, rather than forcibly masking symptoms without addressing the root cause of the problem, unlike steroid treatments. There are plenty of ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels, from exercise to sleep to diet and even relaxation techniques, but one of the easiest methods is simply to take a testosterone boosting supplement. While it’s a good idea to gradually incorporate healthy lifestyle changes into daily routine to balance your hormones, supplements are a great way to generate visible results.

The major benefits you will see from taking these are:​

  • Energy Levels - This main reason why people take these boosting supplements is to increase their activeness whether it be in sports, with their partner or just generally lift them from some general fatigue they are experiencing throughout the day.
  • Increased Libido - With sex drive being one of the things that you lose as a result in testosterone levels dropping, a natural boosting supplement is perfect for getting you back in the mood.
  • Cognitive Processing - Yes, this hormone has the ability to affect your thinking ability, making it even more important to have a good level for clearer thinking.
  • Improve Muscles - It's becoming more and more common these days that people are using these boosters to aid their muscle building sessions. It can help improve a workout by allowing your body to produce more of the required hormones that help make what would have been a hard exercise session, much easier.
  • General Wellbeing - Although it is natural for levels to drop as a man gets older, having lower levels than normal for your age can significantly reduce your general quality of life. Giving it a boost so to speak, can significantly improve your mood and general feel good factor throughout the day.

If you have a browse about online checking out stories of people that have actually used one of these supplements as part of their muscle gain, you will see for yourself the impact is has when you compare testosterone booster before and after pictures. Nearly all of the bodybuilders you see these days are using these supplements in some shape or form, and for good reason.

​How Do You Know Which Boosters are Best?

Firstly before you buy any of these enhancers, you should ask yourself the question "should I take a testosterone booster?" as it may not be for everyone. You should always speak with an expert before taking any of these supplements, as they have different uses and effects for different people.

We also always get asked the question frequently here, "where can I buy good testosterone boosters?"

Unfortunately, the world of natural remedies is rife with false claims and vast difference in product quality. Testosterone boosters are no exception, so it’s essential to look carefully into any product you’re thinking of buying. Pay attention to ingredients and don’t be afraid to ask where the company sources its ingredients.

Look for supplements which include minerals zinc, magnesium and potassium. Vitamin D has also been shown to affect testosterone levels. Healthy fats like omega-3s are essential for testosterone production, so supplements like spirulina and fish oil are great to incorporate into your regime.

Many of these boosting supplements contain herbs, many of which are safe and effective. Fenugreek is commonly used in cooking, but studies have found that it has a real effect on muscle strength, which is an indicator of testosterone levels. Ashwagandha has become popular in the West recently, and for good reason: this adaptogen has a huge range of health benefits, including balancing hormones.

Not all herbs on the market have earned their reputation as testosterone boosters, though. Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most commonly available supplements around, but its credentials are dubious at best.

No matter which supplement you choose, be aware that plenty of supplements available on health food sites aren’t actually natural at all, and are filled with synthetic, fake ingredients. Be an educated consumer and familiarize yourself with the ingredients of every supplement you buy.

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​So if you want to get that sense of being a man back, and just generally restore your quality of life you've had taken from you, do not let low hormone levels ruin things for you. Get yourself a natural booster to liven things up again today!

Note: We do NOT offer medical advice, please consult with a specialist before taking any supplements, or if you are having any problems or trouble with them.