We are always looking for new team members to write for our website. If you think you're a good fit to write for the Health Box Accelerator site, and have a passion for writing in the health and fitness field, then we want to hear from you. Send us your full name, email address, your past writing experiences and why you would like to write for us to the email address -, our team will then contact you and let you know if we would like to take things further. Please understand that we get a large volume of applications to join our health team, so we try our best to ensure we respond to every email as quickly as we can. You can also contact the Health Box Accelerator team on our social media channels and chat with us there about joining. Although please note we do no respond to every message on their due to the large volume of messages we receive, your best bet is still via email.

We are constantly taking on new writers that have a clear vision of what they have a keen interest in and want to write about. Please note that we may ask you to write an example piece for the site, and not all applicants will be successful. If you do get chosen to work with us then you will be expected to write a piece of content for the site at least once every week, although every piece is still checked over and may be edited by our team before publishing.

We allow writing in a variety of different health subjects and really just try to publish content that's useful, and engaging for our readers.

Topics such as these are encouraged:

  • Any tips and information on how to manage your diet better
  • Regular fitness circuits and exercises to do that are proven to work
  • Recommended health supplements, preferably natural, to be taken along with a balanced diet
  • General mood and energy boosting tips that people can incorporate straight away
  • Any interviews from top athletes who talk about their lifestyle
  • Any rounds-ups from leading experts in the health field

If you're unsure if your topic is relevant and suitable for our website, then please contact our team who will send you the full writing guidelines for us. We are usually pretty lenient with what is written as long as it's written in the correct tone for the article, does not push anything on the reader, has a balanced opinion taking in the other side of the coin, and just generally has some interesting information for the reader in it. The main thing is that the reader takes away valuable information from each article, and is content that the writer is knowledgeable on the subject they write about. Because our website is aimed at a broad audience and area of interest, there's endless amounts of health articles that we are always in need of.

So if our site and what we stand for interests you in any way, apply to our team today!